Birthday Parties

Birthday parties for all ages of celebrants are a huge success when you bring in Games Rover’s mobile entertainment units!

We understand what fun is, and it is our goal to bring the fun and games to you.

  • Kids Parties – We provide our entertainment selection regularly at kids parties.  Games rover entertainment items are popular for kids of all ages.  The mobile game theater keeps the bulk of the activity outside, so that your home can remain untouched.  This can be a huge plus for any parent.
  • Teen Parties – Looking for something that will provide an interesting party for your teen?  Games rover is popular with all age groups.  Add on the Hummer H1 experience for a truly big impact!
  • Adult Parties – Game Rover services are the ideal addition to any special event, and we like to say that our activities are built for the kid in all of us.   We have provided our services at a number of adult events- and they have gone off as hits every single time.

If you are looking for entertainment that sets your party apart from the rest…  Rest assured that games rover can deliver.  We can bring you the biggest, baddest, and most powerful entertainment options available.