Company Parties

We provide our services to a number of corporate events and company parties of all shapes and sizes.  If you find yourself planning any special event- our mobile game theaters and other interactive gaming options are the ULTIMATE in entertainment.

Video Game Theater – Our 3D gaming theater is the perfect addon to any special event you may be planning.  The game trailer has been utilized as a space to present videos, host meetings, as well as a fun space to hand out and play some games afterwards.  In this capacity it is best utilized for smaller, more intimate groups.

Our mobile game carts also offer planners the ability to create the same type of experience in any board room.

At Games Rover, we specialize in corporate entertainment programs of all shapes and sizes.  We also provide interactive promotional options, experience marketing programs, and more.  Our mobile gaming units are available with customization to meet the needs of any special event you may find yourself planning.

The mobile game theater has been utilized on a couple of occasions to showcase new product releases at promotional gatherings, the screens utilized for promotional videos, and exterior areas for sales of product.  The on board photo booth features customization and branded options as well, which further add to any campaign.

Games Rover- We are the leader in interactive entertainment, experience marketing, employee appreciation, employee incentive, and promotional events.  Our custom entertainment will blow away the competition, and make your special event stand out far ahead of the rest.